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Posted by Katie Grzebin on May 27, 2019 at 9:35 PM

The first month (April 2019) we met at HHH for our horse-based bible discussions, we met with young Panda. With Panda, we learned how easy it is as a believer to become complacient in our faith. There comes a point in our walk with Christ, that simply belonging to Christ is not enough. We have to go farther than just being a "good Christian", and open up ALL areas of our life to His direct control. That's painful. It's not what we think we want. We fight and kick to control everything ourselves, to be able to choose our own way of doing things. "Here, God, I'm doing what I've decided You want me to do." We want to do good on our own, our way. But if we want a real realationship with God, we can't go that route, because its actually walling God away. We don't want to give our whole hearts, but it's only though surrendering every part of our lives to God that we can have real freedom.

Ps 119:45 "And I shall walk at liberty, for I seek Thy precepts."

The second month, May 2019, we met with Danny. Born in the wild, Danny found a trainer young and discovered the freedom we've discussed in giving his will over to a higher authority. Things have been easy at this point in his life, and now he is ready for more and bigger challenges. As more is required of him his response is "Here I am." He is accepting of the call to give more, to stretch and grow. As he continues in this new and exciting call in his life, he may discover he doesn't like the feel of the difficulties and road-blocks ahead of him, and he may want to rebel. Or like Samuel will he respond by growing in his "faith" and relationship with his trainer? When the pressures of life hit, our instincts are usually to panic, or find someone to blame, or frantically search for happier circumstances. But hopefully we can find the maturity to cling to our relationship with God, trust His reasons, rely on His wisdom and guidance, and USE that crisis to learn and build your relationship with Him. Easy, right? Hmn. Like Jacob wresling with the angel, (Gen. 32) it may be painful, but as we cling to our relationship with God, He has so many blessings awaiting us! It is so very worth the struggle.

1 Samuel 3:10b "And Samuel said, 'Speak, for your servant is listening.'"

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