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Multi-Use Scented Hot/Cold Packs and Sugar Scrub


These amazing heat packs product moist heat- which makes them perfect for use on stiff, sore muscles, or to help ease sinus headaches. Just microwave for one to two minutes (no more) and enjoy. The outer cover is removable for washing. They come in Headache Blend (do not use for scent-sensitive migraines) or Bakers Blend. Great for keeping in the freezer as a long-lasting cold pack, and then can go straight to the microwave if you need a heated pack- a must have! Also look for our specialty shapes for neck and feet, and our unscented multi-use.

Our largest tub of sugar scrub, in all the favorite scents! Enjoy the luxurious lather as you smooth away rough patches, clean tough grime, or just freshen your skin with it's wonderful, natural exfolient.

If you are ordering a hot/cold pack,do you have a preferred color?

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