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"Touch of Tint" Lip Balm OR "Make Your Purchase a Gift Set"!


TOUCH OF TINT LIP BALM- With just enough color to "show", and a scent with a hint of sweet flavor, this balm is perfect for every day wear. It's also perfect for young girls who would love to wear "lipstick", but their parents would rather not! With the same silky feel and great moisturizing as our regular lip balm, you are sure to love it. Available in a Nut Free blend- allow and extra 2-4 days for this special order. "MAKE THIS ITEM A GIFT SET"- Just add this item to your cart, and we can make specified items into a lovely gift set- complete with packaging, and "extras" such as spiked soap disk (to keep your bar soap from getting soggy), shower "poufies" or scrub glove, files, or other items- taylored for your gift.

If this is a gift set, which items are included in the set? Who is the gift from? Is it for a male or female?

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